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Register of Speakers and Tour Guides


Speakers          Tour Guides

The Federation has compiled, with the help of members, a list of speakers who are available to give talks on a wide variety of local study topics. Event organisers can sometimes struggle to find speakers on a particular topic requested by the membership or to find a speaker at the last moment in an emergency. Also Societies can spend considerable time consulting others about ideas for speakers and topics. Hopefully this Register will be of value to members in these circumstances.

The list represents a pooling of information drawn from all over the Province. Sometimes it may be worthwhile to invite a speaker from over the horizon and in such cases it may be necessary to provide overnight accommodation etc.

The Federation can not guarantee the quality of any of the talks given by individual speakers, which is a subjective judgement of the listener. It is suggested that in prior discussion with the prospective speaker about the topic, societies should get a broad view of the proposed talk before comissioning the speaker. It would also be helpful, where there are concerns about quality, for societies to share this with the Federation.

Societies will need to agree the fee with each Speaker. Some Societies have a fixed fee and while that may be acceptable to some, others may place a higher value on their talk. Bear in mind too the distance being covered by the Speaker, so the fee may need to reflect the additional travel costs involved.

While this initial Register is a useful start there is still some way to go and one of the advantages of having the list on line is that it can be added to and amended as time goes on. It is therefore suggested that those Societies that have not participated so far should provide names and contact details from their own records. Please send any you may have in the same format to John Hulme at johnhulme1410@gmail.com.

In addition to Speakers, some Societies have suggested the names of individuals who are prepared to act as Guides for local historical tours. These are listed separately for the information of societies who may be planning outings from time to time.

The Arrangements

(i) The list is available for the use of Federation members. It is advisable to ensure that the Society has in place current Public Liability insurance cover either purchased through FULS (where the member Society is based in Northern Ireland) or directly through an Insurance Broker.

(ii) Speakers have allowed their names to be listed on the understanding that any invitation may be declined.

(iii) Societies should agree a fee (plus expenses if appropriate) directly with speakers. Some Societies pay a flat fee, others may pay travel expenses as well.

(iv) Prior to an arranged event, Societies should consult speakers as to their requirement for visual or sound aids etc, and ensure that suitable equipment and electrical connections are available on arrival.

(v) While the list has been compiled mostly on the recommendations of Federation members no guarantee can be given as to the suitability of any speaker.

FULS would welcome names and details of other speakers for the directory.

Speakers          Tour Guides