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Speakers and Tour Guides: Update No 16 (August 2014)

The information in this Update has been incorporated in the main Register.

Additions - Speakers

Dougan, Quincey Armagh 078 356 24221
-Ireland and the Great War (if requested focused on specific locality in Ireland or any issue/event in connection with the War)
-The 36th Ulster Division
-The Home Rule Crisis
-The Ulster Volunteer Force 1912-1914 (focus on specific geographical areas a speciality)
-The role of women in the Ulster Volunteer Force
-The history of the Marching band in Ireland
-The history of Orangeism
-Irish Unionism (Dublin, Cork, Sligo, etc)
-Militant Unionism in Dublin during the Home Rule Crisis
-Ulster Loyalism
-other topics related to Irish History on request
All talks are illustrated with Power-point presentations
Lynch, John Belfast 07533 871380
-The Community that built Titanic
-Forgotten Shipbuilders of Belfast: Workman Clark
- The Shipyards at War
- Beef, Bananas and Emigrants
- It was all right when it left here! Belfast maritime disasters
- The Wild Geese: Facts and Fictions
- Migrants in Red Coats: Irishmen and women in the British Army
- Ireland's Biggest War?: The American Civil War 1861-5
- A Brief introduction to Irish Migration history
- The Spanish Armada: Fact and Fiction
- Socialism in Titanic town
- Another Ireland: An exercise in counter-factual History

The following Research Methods Training can be made available either as single lectures or as an all-day workshop (four topics)
  • Essay/article writing skills
  • Primary Sources on Early Irish History
  • Travellers accounts as a source on Irish history
  • Oral history and Folklore as historical sources
  • Maps as historical sources
  • Newspapers as historical sources
  • Statistics for the local historian
  • The photograph as a historical source
  • Government papers as historical sources
  • Literature as a historical source.
Wilson, Henry Moira, Co. Down 012 9261 1825
-Francis Rawdon Hastings, fought at Bunkers Hill
-Victoria, Queen and Empress
-Edith and Charles Londonderry
-Costello, Rifleman in the Peninsular War
-Jan Huss, Protestant Reformer
-Erskine Childers, Anglo-Irishman of courage and ideals
-Abbe Edgeworth, last comforter of Louis Capet
-Arthur Stringer, acute observer of the social scene
-Eoin O'Duffy, forgotten hero of the Irish Civil War
-Bazil Zulu, Greek Chieftain

Additions - Tour Guides

Merrick, Tony Holywood 028 90427739
Town of Holywood, Co Down